Welcome to the Romero Institute Report!

Romero headshot

Welcome to the Romero Institute Report! The Romero Institute, a non-profit law and public policy center, is the successor to the famed Christic Institute. We take our name from Óscar Romero, the archbishop of El Salvador who spoke on behalf of the oppressed and who fought for human rights.
Today, the Romero Institute honors Óscar Romero’s legacy by investigating and exposing systemic injustices around the world. The corruption within governments and within major capitalist corporations has detrimental effects on the planet as these systems continue to exploit citizens and abuse natural resources. It is our goal to protect both the environment and human rights by combining strategic litigation, legal consulting, and public education.
The purpose of our blog is to inform the public of issues related to our mission and to bring awareness to our cause. We highly encourage our readers to post comments so that they may join in and contribute to the discussion of these serious topics.
We also encourage you to visit the blog page of one of our subdivisions, The Lakota People’s Law Project, which is dedicated to end the epidemic of illegal seizures of Lakota children by the state of South Dakota.
Thank you for visiting! Together we can make a difference.

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