Spiritual Leader Chief Arvol Looking Horse calls for healing of the earth


Two weeks ago, a United Nations Declaration was taken to the Secretary General of the UN on the third and final day of the 20th annual World Peace and Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites ceremonies. The Declaration called for the establishment of an Indigenous United Nations, with the goal of protecting future generations from environmental and human destruction.

Spiritual consciousness, the Declaration says, is the highest form of politics. The Declaration’s key-points ranged from calling for the abolishment of nuclear bombs and energy to supporting the revocation of the 1493 Doctrine of Discovery.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the spiritual leader of Lakota, Dakota and North Nakota tribes of the Great Sioux Nation, who facilitated the 2015 World Peace and Prayer Day in Ashland, Oregon, was included in the Declaration. His vision during the event was attached as a proclamation, which emphasized a much needed concern for all life on earth.

Looking Horse asserted that global warming, due to the corruption of the earth through methods such as tar sands extraction, is having dangerous side effects which must be addressed as a global community. Tar sands extraction, like fracking and other environmentally damaging profit-driven efforts harm our ecosystems and disrupt the lives of indigenous people.

“Mother Earth is a spirit, the Source of Life, not a resource,” Looking Horse said during the event. “Today we are standing together because Mother Earth is dying and is sick and has a fever. Our work doesn’t end here. We will carry on our ways for the responsibility of our children. We are faced with great challenges, because man has gone too far, and brought us to this prayer.”

He stressed that we all belong to a global community, and that this sentiment is often lost among Republicans and Democrats in Washington DC

“The climate is changing. If only the trees, water, and rivers could speak, they’d tell us their story,” he said. “In that tree, every year is a circle. In our life, we have a cycle of life and we too are part of the growing of that tree.”

While NASA scientists have said we are at a point of no return, in regard to the environmental destruction we’ve caused, Looking Horse remains confident that faith and a belief that we can change our ways can reverse the harm already done.

Paula Horne, his wife, addressed NASA’s statement saying, “We are here to prove it different and be a ripple effect. If we could do this worldwide, we could heal the earth.”

Looking Horse is one of many spiritual leaders focusing on raising awareness about environmental issues. Pope Francis’ recently published encyclical also highlights the need for immediate action in order to halt the increasing devastation of our planet.

The encyclical reads, “…while the existing world order proves powerless to assume its responsibilities, local individuals and groups can make a real difference. They are able to instill a greater sense of responsibility, a strong sense of community, a readiness to protect others, a spirit of creativity and a deep love for the land. They are also concerned about what they will eventually leave to their children and grandchildren. These values are deeply rooted in indigenous peoples.”

The Romero Institute supports and commends both the Pope and Looking Horse for their initiatives in raising awareness about the direction of our planet.

Link to article about Looking Horse: http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/30957-leader-of-sioux-nation-issues-dire-warning-to-unite-globally

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